Scripting Games

Winter Scripting Games coming up!

Don Jones recently announced a tentative date for Winter Scripting Games on This time it will be a team-challenge with 2-6 contestants in each team and each team will be judged by a panel of expert judges. I really like the way this event is developing giving the community new challenges and hopefully inspiring more people to start learning and using powershell. I would like to give a sincere thank you to everyone involved in hosting this great event!

Scripting Games 2013 Event 1

The scripting games finally kicked of last thursday and I sat down an hour on sunday to make my contribution to the advanced track. This event was about helping Dr.Scripto archive log-files older than 90 days from one directory on the server to an UNC path which seemed quite straight forward at first but now when I’ve seen all the other answers and voted on as many as I had time for, I realized a few things and most of all I realized that the community is quite critical and I need to step it up a notch if I want any of the community votes.