Problem with Pending Reboot when using Desired State Configuration

On Knowledge Factory, the company I work for, every one get’s their own lab-server. Nothing fancy, but it helps a lot when I want to test something in a controlled environment. I’ve been playing around a bit with desired state configuration on my lab server lately. And especially with the great module VirtualEngineLab which I’ve been using to automatically build various scenarios. Each time I start a new build, the module uses the DSC resource xPendingReboot to check for pending reboots.

Smart card stops working for RemoteApp after November updates

UPDATE: Microsoft just announced that they have temporarily removed the update. For more details see: KB2830477 KB2830477 was released Tuesday November 12 2013 and updates the RDP Client on Windows 7 to RDP 8.1. After installing it we have experienced issues with Smard Cards no longer being available in the remote session. Uninstalling KB2830477 solves the problem. So if smart card authentication suddenly stopped working on your windows 7 clients, check if you got KB2830477 installed.