Smart card stops working for RemoteApp after November updates

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UPDATE: Microsoft just announced that they have temporarily removed the update. For more details see:


KB2830477 was released Tuesday November 12 2013 and updates the RDP Client on Windows 7 to RDP 8.1. After installing it we have experienced issues with Smard Cards no longer being available in the remote session. Uninstalling KB2830477 solves the problem.

So if smart card authentication suddenly stopped working on your windows 7 clients, check if you got KB2830477 installed.

As usual I try to accomplish the task by using powershell and to determine if the hotfix is installed there is a great cmdlet available called Get-HotFix

So lets start by running that:

Get-Hotfix -Id KB2830477

Unfortunately as far as I know there is no cmdlet for uninstalling hotfixes so I cannot give you a powershell script to solve the problem. I have to fall back on command prompt and the Windows Update Standalone Installer wusa.exe. To uninstall the KB run the following command:

wusa.exe /uninstall /KB:2830477 /quiet /norestart

This could of course be wrapped in a poweshell script:

if(Get-Hotfix -Id KB2830477 -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue){ 
    & wusa.exe /uninstall /KB:2830477 /quiet /norestart
    Write-Warning "HotFix KB2830477 was not found"