Real world DevOps training

I'm an Ops guy, I have a history of working in IT operations and I think of myself as a “technician” or “ITPro”. To be honest, I don't know what to call it, but my point is that I do not have a background as programmer. I've been talking with other Ops-persons about integrating and collaborating with developer teams for quite some time now. Trying to make others understand the benefits they can both give and receive when collaborating with developers and trying to convince operations teams that we have lots and lots to learn from developers.

Updating AzureRM only when needed

I stumbled upon this great post by Ian Farr the other day aboutAutomagically Keep the Azure PowerShell Module Up-To-Date. In this post Ian tells us how keeps his help and azure module up to date by starting a background job from his profile script. In the end, Ian mentions that he recently added the command Update-AzureRM to his job and that it updates the AzureRM modules each time even if he already has the latest version.

Lumia 950 XL – My first impression

First in line Last Wednesday, I attended the Microsoft Lumia release event in Stockholm Sweden. I showed up roughly an hour before the event opened and happen to arrive at the exact same time as the first Lumia fans. Except for some light rain, we had a great time sharing experiences on using Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile as Insiders. Just after 7 PM, the doors were opened and the store was quickly filled with people buying Lumia Phones.

Problem with Pending Reboot when using Desired State Configuration

On Knowledge Factory, the company I work for, every one get’s their own lab-server. Nothing fancy, but it helps a lot when I want to test something in a controlled environment. I’ve been playing around a bit with desired state configuration on my lab server lately. And especially with the great module VirtualEngineLab which I’ve been using to automatically build various scenarios. Each time I start a new build, the module uses the DSC resource xPendingReboot to check for pending reboots.

Running legacy VBScripts from PowerShell

VBScript can feel like a thing of the past, but truth is a lot of companies have invested heavily in VBScript during many years. It all can’t be simply translated to PowerShell over a night. To get started with translating VBScripts to PowerShell, one way could be to break up the VBScripts into usable parts. This way we can start translating the Control Scripts to PowerShell and keep the using the VBScripts as is.