Installing VmWare Workstation on a system with Hyper-V

I decided to compare VmWare Workstation 9 to Hyper-V in Windows 8.
However if Hyper-V is installed in Windows 8, VmWare Workstation won’t install stating:

“Error: This Product may not be installed on a computer that has Microsoft HyperV installed.”

I have not found a solution for this, but there is a workaround to dual-boot Windows 8 with or without Hyper-V started by setting “hypervisorlaunchtype” to off in an alternative choice in the boot menu.

Editing the boot menu in Windows 8 is done with tool bcdedit, just as in Windows 7.

To list the current configuration run: bcdedit.exe

To create a copy of the default entry, run:

bcdedit.exe /copy {default} /d “Windows 8 No Hyper-V”

Set the option hypervisorlaunchtype to off by running:

bcdedit.exe /set {<GUID>} hypervisorlaunchtype off

Reboot the system and start without launching the hypervisor for HyperV and install VmWare Workstation.

9 thoughts on “Installing VmWare Workstation on a system with Hyper-V

  1. Error using the command:

    bcdedit.exe /copy {default} /d “Windows 8 No Hyper-V”

    A description for the new entry must be specified.
    Run “bcdedit /?” for command line assistance.
    The parameter is incorrect.

  2. I have the answer to: A description for the new entry must be specified.

    While you can copy and paste the bcdedit /copy {identifier number} part of the command, you must completely type out the /d “Windows 8 Safe Mode” part of the command or you will get the “A description for the new entry must be specified” error message if you try and copy and paste it. Be sure to backspace and then type out the rest of the command to also leave a space between these parts of the same command.

    If it doubt, you can always type out the full command.

    Stupid you can’t use copy / paste for this.

  3. When executing second command it display error message
    “The system cannot find the file specified”

  4. Hit the Windows Key and type “windows features”
    diseable Hyper-V (deschecked)

    and install vmware 😀

  5. If I try to install VMWare Player on a VM that is hosted on a Hyper-V server, this doesn’t work and I still get the issue. Does anyone now if the problem also exists on a VM?

  6. That’s mostly untrue.
    VirtualBox works inside Hyper-V.
    Virtual PC 2007 does as well.

    VMware works too if you use a build from 2007 or so before Hyper-V existed. (6.x) (I haven’t tried 6.5 yet.)

    Not running on Hyper-V or inside Hyper-V seems to be an artificial limitation of the newer VMware installers. It may be that it will work even in the newer versions but the installer just artificially prevents it due to some “issue” they discovered in testing.

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